Waste is a massive problem and the importance of waste segregation is something that we can no longer afford to ignore. The less rubbish we generate the less we’ll pollute the environment. Project Serbia into the future means promoting a greener Serbia. As an Eco Ambassador, you can be part of a goal-oriented network aimed at disseminating messages environmentally friendly and in particular related to the campaign aiming at introducing the new waste source separation system in Serbia. The volunteers will also be able to report about local issues or best practices and information from the ground. In order to support the information campaign, it will be crucial to engage all citizens. The process might be facilitated if some smart “pioneers” like you will engage other colleagues in a peer to peer communication.


1. The candidate must be at least 18 years old and a citizen of the Republic of Serbia;

2. Be fluent in Serbian. English is an advantage;

3. Willing to act as a volunteer for a greener Serbia;

4. Any previous experience related to environmental issues will be an asset;

5. The candidate must be willing to work in a team with other volunteers: volunteers are expected to be proactive, engaged, and enthusiastic, individually as well as in the group;

6. The candidate must be willing to learn more about Serbia’s status on recycling and have knowledge of the topic;

7. The candidate must be able to attend meetings (online or in person) at least once a month;


● Organising or simply participating in events in one of the 17 Municipalities* with the aim to inform the citizens on new procedures for household waste source separation and in general environment friendly topics;

● Visiting schools or other communities to promote the campaign or give presentations on the subject;

● Leading, participating or organising contests and competitions related to the subject;

● Hosting events, debates, happenings about the environment;

● Being interviewed by media or dedicated videos;

● Sharing info, stories, digital kit on their social media profiles;

● Being a guest in events, ceremonies, happenings, etc.


Throughout this project, you can be a gamechanger in environmental practices and policies in Serbia. A selection of gadgets (t-shirt, water bottle, bag, etc.) will be provided and at each event, a different one is going to be distributed among the volunteers to be even more prepared for the next one!

You will connect with your peers from all across Serbia through activism and sharing of experiences, be involved in inspiring projects by pursuing your own talents and developing your skills.

Find out where your true leadership potential lies and learn more about environmental protection, the EU and much more!


Through participating in this project the Eco Ambassador will:

● Be part of a dynamic and goal-oriented team;

● Gain visibility in his community;

● Be informed in advance about new policies on the subject;

● Have a profile published on the Eco Ambassador webpage;

● Receive the certificate of appreciation by the EU and the members of the European Parliament, for their participation.